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Saturday, December 18, 2010

SimpLE JouRney..

Tomorrow is Another day....And today is Wonderful Day!!!~ What a wonderful day when we pusing2 ukur jalan..ekeke... Kuantan Parade - Berjaya MegaMall - Teluk Cempedak.. hoooreyy...

I’ve had holidays where I’ve gained weight, ohhh Gosh!!~ and I know exactly what I did to make those things happen. But sometimes what you know doesn’t result in what you do. I know how to maintain my weight over the holidays, but sometimes I allow emotions, stress, and an overabundance of foods I don’t regularly see to get the best of me. Foods??? ow yeah... food is d most important.. hhahaaha... i like to eat too much.. hahaha...and for today.. 4 pieces of Gardenia with Tuna + Hot Milo + Nasi Putih with Ayam goreng, sotong, sayur + Sirap Limau + Mexico Bun + Two Slices Mocca Cake and Blueberry Cheese cake + Coke + one set dinner plate of KFC + two cups of Mamee Curry....Wow?? Amazing rite??? hahahahaha....

Around 10am we start our Journey, From Swiss Garden To Bandar Kuantan.. Nothing Special over there.. and i think, tomorrow is much better place to us for shopping..But first, let's me show you the place which is nice place, and me and my family really2 love to lepak2 here.. :) Swiss Garden is d best place to relex, chill, lepak2... feel better here, far away from the town and also near d beach.. fuh~ mabeless.... :)

Swiss Garden Resort & Spa

View from our Room..

At Lobby...syok giler dpt tgk Motor besar konvoi ramai2 lepak depan lobby ni.. and my sawo rely2 love it... hopefully, his dream comes true.. to get it.. :)

aku jumpa Azwan Ali Lorrr~~Ujibakat Rancangan RTM at Kuantan parade..

After lepak kat Kuantan Parade.. another place is Berjaya MegaMall.. makan2 near the Mall which d place dat i owez chill out wif my X-KMPH rumet..~Restoran TAJ..sweet memory here!

fall in love with Ford~ Gosh!! But my mom~DISLIKE~ lolll!!!! :(

and Now...hohohoh... i suka pantai u know..suka tgk je la..xsuka mandi..:) setahun aku kat Gambang, but sekali pun xpernah jejak kaki ke sini..hehe.. Now~Here i am!! Teluk Cempedak... :)

Nice Shoot..(perasan..bluekk)

Monkey pown reti mkn KFC taw!!~

Another Shoot.. :0

Last Shoot is.. My Gedix Pose hahhaa

The rest of the day ..So far.. so good.. Hopefully tomorrow i will wake up early because tomorrow i will see u my New Home sweet home at Taman Bukit Raya, Cheras.. hoho..but, before that!! Shopping 1st ok mum?? hahaha..

need a rest.. Gud Nite People.. ZZzzzzzzzzzzzz~

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